Photo Restoration

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Eternal Photo Memories (Photo Restoration) understands photos are truly valuable parts of our lives. It is a way of passing memories down through generations. Unfortunately photos are also quite vulnerable to damage all it takes is a little sun exposure or the slightest bit of damp and your photos become ruined.

We recommend that you have all your photos scanned, restored and then stored onto a digital device so that they remain safe forever.

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It seems pretty simple to do from home which is not totally untrue, but when you have in the region of 100+ photos it becomes extremely time consuming to be sitting at home doing each individual photo.

The equipment we use at Eternal Photo Memories (Photo Restoration) makes it a lot faster and brings out the photos to the highest possible quality, as seen below.


Here’s a few reasons why our customers use us:

  • Digital images can be restored with us and preserved more easily than original slides, prints or negatives
  • Photos can be printed on fabric, then used on t-shirts, sweatshirts or other clothing items
  • Fire and water damage. We never think it’s going to happen to us until, well – it happens
  • Back ups. Two is definitely better than one when it comes to how many copies you have of your one-of-a-kind photographs. And yes, more is even better!
  • You’re easily able to distribute copies to family and friends

Eternal Photo Memories (Photo Restoration) – 01342 349780