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Welcome to Eternal Photo Memories!

We all know the memories you get from your photos and at Eternal Photo Memories (Photo Restoration) we understand that sometimes photos can get damaged so what we do is fully restore them so that you get back the photos you lost.

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Our experts digitally restore your photos with the latest technology and we also back your photos up with a USB Memory Card so that you will always be able to get back your beloved memories if they are lost.

We also provide a DVD service where all your beloved memories can be played out through your DVD player!


If you’re interested in our services please call us today on 01342 349780 or email us at

We use the latest Kodak scanners to scan, crop and copy your photos to USB Memory Sticks as well as giving you back restored photos.

Our Services:

  • Fix rips and tears
  • Remove creases, crinkles, folds and scratches
  • Remove stains, discolouration, specks and smudges
  • Fix fading
  • Fix water damage
  • Remove text or watermarks
  • Digitally restoration and storage
  • DVD copy of your photos

Don’t let your memories fade away, get your photos digitised and safely stored today!

Eternal Photo Memories – 01342 349780